Push For Peace

In March of this year Austin was terrorized by a man leaving bombs around town.  His first bombs were attacking communities of color.  The first to go off was March 2nd, killing Anthony Stephan House.  The next two were on the Austin East Side on March 12th in two separate incidents, the first killing Draylen Mason and injuring his mother.  The second seriously injuring 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera.  

The community rallied together that week to get answers and briefed from the Austin city manager, the mayor and the interim Police chief and to give input and talk about how we can better protect our communities.  A community forum was put together by Austin Justice Coalition and the next day Counter Balance ATX had a Push for Peace walk, opening with prayer and words of unity followed by a walk through the neighborhood of the second victims' home.  

Below are images from that walk.