Senior Portrait Session: Forever Friends

It was such an honor being asked to do this Senior Session.  Kristina's mother and I are what we call, "Forever Friends".  We shared many fun times and tears growing up and although we do not get to see each other very often, (she lives in a far off place called Amarillo, which for those of you out of Texas translates into a 7 hour drive), we keep in touch through Facebook messages and emojis.  She is just as beautiful, faith driven and sweet as her mother.  I could not be more impressed by a girl her age.  Here are some of my favorites from our session.         

Valentine's Day with My Closet Life

I love working with bloggers.  They keep me on my toes with all the current lingo and what is fashionable.  Yes, I feel a little old when I'm around them but it is worth it just to be around such a fun bunch of gals, letting their creativity and personalities out to the world in ways I am still terrified to do.  While working on a Christmas Collaboration last year with a handful of fashion bloggers, I was introduced to Kaley Margaret.  She is kind of the coolest chic you'll ever meet.  She is a foodie who likes fashion and drinking beer and has a roar of a laugh.  We got together with her childhood friend and make up artist, Katherine Crenshaw, for a little Valentine's Day fun.  Or rather Pre V-Day to offer beauty tips and tricks.  It was such a great time and my partner and I even played around with a little video.  Click here to check out her blog and some past shoots we've done together.  

Babe as F@*K

There is a very lively group of women of all walks that has come together filling the Austin streets with badassery.  They are Bossbabesatx.  It is a wonderful community of makers, creatives, fun, expressive, ladies, doing what they do.  I have met some extraordinary women at these meet ups and here are just two. Realtor, Kristina Modares and small business accountant, Heather Labus.  They have teamed up to teach a financial literacy course and asked me to take their photo for a few web promos.  Of course I said yes.  

Powering through

I had set up a shoot with wonderful ATX model and actress, Katherine Molidor and just as we were about to begin the power went out.  I thought I had blown a fuse in the studio, (again), but this time it was the entire street and completely NOT my fault.  We had a great shoot using my battery pack in the studio but then decided to try a little natural light.  Katherine, being the talent that she is, did her own hair and make up.  Some of my favorite photoshoots have come from accepting a challenge.  She was a doll to go with the flow.  I love the Sassy magazine 90's feel of these.  


Victoria is a Puerto Rican student, starting her own fitness business and an all in all force.  She and her partner teach about body love along with healthy living.  It seems to be working for her because I absolutely love the way these portraits came out.  She is confident, poised and a knock out for sure!  


We met at a BossBabeATX art workshop.  She was striking and hard not to start a conversation with.  I eventually asked her to sit for me and she handed me her card.  It read, "Lauren Fucking Russo".  Suddenly I did not only want to photograph her, I wanted to be her.  Of course she is a life coach so if you need someone to help you get your own thoughts organized call this babe.  


Women Portraiture:  Take Two:  This project means so much to me and I am so thankful to the participants.  Do we see ourselves the way our loved ones do?  Beautiful.  Generous.  Full of life.  Here are some of my favorite shots from my session with Lan.  


Style Blogger @itslikelan , hair and make up artist, @ashtondoeshair ; wardrobe and set assist Sharecess Carter with @the.dojo .  

Portrait of a Lady

I am so grateful every day that I get to do what I love; taking photographs of people celebrating cherished events, showing off their styles, their talents, capturing a period of time with their families...Along my journey I stumbled upon a famous photographer's work, Sue Bryce,  and something clicked.  Like discovering French cheese for the first time, studying her portraiture became my new favorite thing.  I have been putting together shoots in my studio, focusing on portraits of women.  One of the reasons this type of portraiture spoke to me came from the idea, not a new idea, but one that Sue Bryce touched on in one of her talks, that we all have that one photo of someone we love that is so special and passed down for generations.  Not "emailed to"  Not tagged on Facebook, but a physical printed and framed image.  I thought, YES!  What a wonderful idea!  So here we go.  This is the beginning of something I would like to do.  A project that is becoming very dear to me.  I would like to bring back the portrait.  

Make up by Ashton Plummer @Ashtondoeshair; Styled by @The Dojo and of course Tierra, our beautiful model is part of a health fitness and wellness team @vtwellness